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The Board of Directors

The organization is in compliance with the companies Act of 2011 as amended. Each of the sub committees have adopted a charter for the specific functions. The organization has a sound Code of Conduct for the members and management structure.


The Board of Governance


The structure of the Board of Directors was initiated by five (5) Traditional Councils represented by amakhosi of Vulindlela and an additional member ie:

  • Inkosi Nsikayezwe Welcome Zond - Kwa-Mpumuza T/C
  • Inkosi: Simingaye Mlaba - Kwa-Ximba T/C
  • Inkosi Aric Simphiwe Zuma - Kwa-Nxamalala T/C
  • Inkosi: MSP Ngcobo - Kwa-Mafunze
  • The late Inkosi: Sondelani Zondi - I-Nadi T/C
  • Induna: Mr Ndoda Ngcoya - Additional member  

For the efficient and effective performance of the fiducial duties the Board has set up the following 3 Sub Committees.

  • Risk & Audit Committee

Acting Chairperson: Inkosi ES. Zuma

The organization prides itself for having had clean audits since 2012 to-date.

  • Remunerations & Nominations Committee

Chairperson: Inkosi: S. Mlaba

  • Social & Ethics Committee

Chairperson: Inkosi: NW. Zondi

iNkosi NW Zondi - Chair P iNkosi ES Zuma
Chairperson: iNkosi NW Zondi iNkosi ES Zuma
iNkosi S Mlaba DC iNkosi MSP Ngcobo
Deputy Chair: iNkosi S Mlaba iNkosi MSP Ngcobo
iNduna NJ Ngcoya  
iNduna NJ Ngcoya  
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